zero emission education
zero emission education

Our Mission

Solutions for a zero emission world that will be much better and surprisingly much cheaper for all of us.

Zero Emission Think Tank is a non profit NGO.

“Act on climate” for us means to also look on the other side of the medal (how much does it cost?), and, guess what, based on Bloomberg/Fraunhofer data we come to the surprising conclusion “wind & solar @ ½ the price – that is so nice!”

So, whats on the other side of the Climate medal? – it`s even cheaper !!!
And, if you understand the good news, you just solved the climate crisis, at least in your head right away.

So, we developed our VISION:
If everybody knew how cheap it is, to switch to 100% renewables, to just use cheaper wind & solar energy (with much cheaper (salt) batteries and cheaper EVs, everybody would do it.

Let’s TALK ABOUT it.
And solve the climate crisis once and for all.
Thank you & let’s act on climate and talk about it! Your ZETT – Team

Tipping Point

Take a look at the world solar map: Even in Alaska and Northern Germany a new solar farm is cheaper now than existing coal. And that’s just the bluish color of the map! Just image what it means for all our countries in the yellow and orange areas. We have extremely cheap renewable energy at our finger tips!

Indeed, we reached a tipping point in 2015, the year of the Paris agreement, when already more than half the investments in new power plants were made in renewable energy. This is 80% now. Why? Because it’s cheaper. And, we may have helped here.

Climate Medal

So now, we need a symbol for „cheap renewables“. Do we have one? Yes, we do. The climate medal.

The idea is for kids to cut it out of paper, with scissors, and paint the world on it. This is together with Climate Medal for Future. However, the key question is, what’s on the other side of the medal, how much does it cost, to act on climate?

The answer: The sun. Kids can paint it on the other side, and, it says in big letters “wind & solar at ½ the price – that is so nice!” And if you understand this, you solved the climate crisis in your head already and so you are one more to win the climate medal.

We have the solution at our fingertips.

Climate Solutions

And for a more comprehensive view, our director, Ingo Stuckmann, wrote a book about “Climate solutions at our finger tips!”:

  • The story of the first windmills in Palm Springs California. 
  • The exponential growth of renewable energy getting ever cheaper.
  • Offering key zero emission solutions political crossroads.
  • Identifying critical flaws for climate solutions in our western democracies.
  • How to fix the flaws for energy independence & freedom.

“We have all we need, at all levels, and, worldwide” – to get on the path to a zero emission world, already visible on the horizon!

This is the mission of Zero Emission Think Tank, get on the path! And, it’s all about cheap renewables. Let’s TALK ABOUT it & solve the climate crisis!



We are a pro climate solutions, non-profit organisation
Our mission is to promote key climate solutions
We provide educational materials, and, we organize Workshops for Government Agencies and for Business Leaders
We welcome Partners to sponsor Workshops
Let’s go to zero!

Are you joining?

On the path to a Zero Emission World Sunrise

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Lifestyle Calculator

App Go2Zero

Our partner Zero Emission Calculator GmbH has developed a Zero Emission Calculator that converts your carbon footprint into a zero emission lifestyle, into a zero emission business.

A unique profit solution to climate change. Just go to zero. 

The CO2 calculator is especially designed so users can easily find out their carbon footprint without having to spend a lot of time and effort.

We focus on the four specific areas that are the main causes of GHG produced by human activities:

  • Living
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Other Consumption


Workshops, how to implement a zero emission business plan and profit from it.

Target group: Government Agencies, Business Leaders, and everyone starting with new ideas for a better world.

Zero Emissions is our Mission.

Our workshops come with science partners to help you and society to profit from zero emissions.

What are we waiting for?

Just get the job done.

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Fat, straight tubes have less friction, need smaller pumps, which use 80% less energy. This is 50% of all coal plants in the world – unnecessary for decades.

– Amory Lovins

Wind and Solar will disrupt the energy markets – because they are so cheap.

– Tony Seba

The payback is 5 years for a 100% renewable energy system.

– Mark Jacobson

We have all we need to solve the climate crisis.

– Dan Kammen

Wind & Solar at 1/2 price – that is so nice.

– Ingo Stuckmann

In Germany we are 99% dependent on solar cell imports. We need domestic solar manufacturing.

– Eicke Weber