Only by Renewable Energy and Massive Energy / Cost Savings.

Executive Summary

Recent studies have shown that it is possible to substitute Russian fossil fuel imports to
Germany with LNG and other fossil fuel imports from diversified sources (Fischer & Küper,
2022) (Leopoldina, 2022). However, fossil fuels have to be procured on the world markets at
extra costs, with increasing carbon emissions („loose-loose“-approach).

To the contrary, our Solutions-study takes a „win-win“-approach, by substituting Russian
fossil fuel imports only with cheap renewable energy, and energy efficiency resulting in
massive cost savings. Our solutions approach is much cheaper („win“), resulting in annual
savings of 10 BN1 Euros for heating costs alone.

All measures are designed for private households and private transportation only. There are
no restrictions on the industry.
In addition, we have developed 3 measures to completely replace Russian fossil natural gas
imports in the short term.

  1. Connect existing biogas plants to the pipeline system.
  2. Exchange of gas furnaces by 330,000 heat pumps für 3.3 Million homes (10:1), & type-open permits for already permitted wind turbine projects to power them.
  3. Indoor Insulation of 4.8 Million homes with a simple home hardware Do-it-yourself (“DIY”) approach.

As a by-product, the measures slash Germanys carbon emissions by a third within 12 months (the second “win”), allowing Germany for the first time in recent history to turn onto the path to 1.5-degrees. The German government has been scrambling for weeks now, to diversify fossil fuel sources and to simply secure enough fossil fuel supplies for the German industry and for heating homes in the upcoming winter. This approach has greatly strengthened Germanys energy reliability to date. However, the authors of this study, suggest that the German government, now that energy reliability has been secured, switch and turn to a solutions strategy with cheap renewables and massive energy cost savings for all times.

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