Switch Coal profitably to renewable energy

Switch Coal – Solutions Study – 10 Gigatons

Let’s focus on 2030 to keep 1.5 degrees whithin reach:

  • you cannot remove 1 billion cars
  • you cannot insulate 1 billion homes
  • But, can you switch 2.500 coal plants, with trillion $ profits on top?! Win-Win?!

Yes, we can win. And “SwitchCoal” to renewables is a Business case now. It makes money.

Press Release 30.11.23 German First TV – Link to TAGESSCHAU

30.11.23 Berlin, Zero Emission Think Tank (ZETT), Goodfuture Berlin and EDUClimate are pleased to announce the release of it`s new solutions study SwitchCoal, just in time for the COP28 opening day!

Link to study: switchcoal.org/resources

Link to Switch Tool


  • 90% of the world`s 2,500 coal plants can be profitably switched to Wind-Solar-Battery systems with trillion $ profits.
  • shift in paradigms: The authors suggest to switch the current UN motto “act on climate” to “act on climate & profit from it!”, illustrating a new mindset for effective climate solutions with a pragmatic win-win approach.

COP28 guide
– to support COP28 delegates results are shown on a Country-by-Country basis in a COP28 guide “Act – Borrow – Cash in” (ABC):

Link to COP28 Guide

Link: Switch Coal Study Presentation
Link: Switch Coal Study Presentation – Short version
Link: Switch Coal Study Presentation – Ultra short version
  1. ACT – pledge coal plant retirements
  2. BORROW – find financing @COP28 for investment into Wind-Solar-Battery systems
  3. CASH IN – come home with billion $ profits to catalyze the implementation

Note: Historically, countries have used these profits to lower electric rates for the people or to boost investment returns.

– SwitchCoal is the only chance to relatively easily reduce 10 Gigatons by 2030
– SwitchCoal is the last chance to keep 1.5 degrees within reach
Note: Global climate tipping points are predicted to tip into uncontrollable climate change beyond 1.5 degrees
MAKE NO MISTAKE – SwitchCoal is our last chance for a livable climate on earth.

US shuts down coal (black) by 2030 – because renewables are cheaper

Will the world follow?

Our SwitchCoal solutions study shows how.

Country-by-Country billion $ profits.

Let’s win this.

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